A Guest Lecture on “Modern History of Sri Lanka”

The Library organized its first Guest Lecture for the year 2016 on January 14th. The Guest Lecture was conducted by Professor Delgahawatthage Raj Kumar Somadeva Delgahawatta on ‘Modern History of Sri Lanka’ from 1530 hrs to 1630 hrs at the KDU Auditorium.

Professor Raj Somadeva is a professor in archaeology at the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, University of Kelaniya. Since he has been involved in scrutinizing the history of Sri Lanka by scientific experimentation, he emphasized that the history goes beyond the mythical age. He showed some archaeological evidences and scientifically proved history. He further demonstrated how the age is calculated scientifically from the excavated items.

All the participants including the target groups (officer cadets and day scholars) were satisfied with the guest lecture. Vice-Chancellor of KDU presented a memorial plaque to the professor and the Guest Lecture concluded amidst applauses as he lectured with enthusiasm.

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