Guest Lecture on "Emotional Wellbeing"

As one of the events in the monthly guest lecture series, the lecture for the month of July was conducted on 20th of July 2016 at the Main Auditorium of KDU by Professor Daya Rohana Athukorala, an eminent educationist and professor of education at the University of Colombo on ‘emotional wellbeing’.
Prof. Athukorala mentioned that there are three types of wellbeing as psychological wellbeing, social wellbeing and emotional wellbeing. He selected emotional wellbeing as a title considering the importance of its application for our day today life. He explained the psychological basis of our thinking and described the effect of negative thinking and he pointed out that positive thinking is vital for our life. For all problems, our attitude is the basis. If attitudes are not changed according to the worldly needs, nothing will happen in a fruitful manner. The behavior of people is a little visible but their attitudes are hidden. He explained this nature through iceberg pictorial expression, and the participants found the lecture greatly important for their lives.

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