Guest Lecture on ‘Music and Wellbeing”

The first guest lecture of the year 2017organized by the KDU Library was held on 18.01.2017 at the Main Auditorium of KDU. Dr HarshiniRajapakse, a Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna was the resource person and she is an eminent scholar in the field of psychiatry, especially in healing through music and dance. The lecture was full of life and it captivated the audience especially due to the manner in which Dr Hrashini enriched her lecture with her skills in singing and abhinaya.

She has divided and delivered her lecture into three parts viz; the elements and importance of music, theoretical and practical elements of wellbeing and the relationship between music and wellbeing.

In the first section, she explained that music is a universal language and a care for psychological stress. In order to attain the wellbeing satisfactorily, human being need to listen music which blocks unnecessary burdens which affect the human life. In the second section, she explained theoretical features of wellbeing showing some examples from psychological theorists. In the third phase she combined music and wellbeing and she showed how to use music to achieve wellbeing as an ultimate goal.

The lecture was audience-oriented, lively and participatory. Applauds from the audience indicated the effectiveness and usefulness of the entire lecture.









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