Guest Lecture on ‘Success in Life through Education’

The Guest Lecture for the month of February was held on 16.02.2017 from 1500 hours to 1630 hours at the Main Auditorium of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Ratmalana. Senior Professor (Dr) G.D. Sumanpala of the Department of Pali & Buddhist Studies of the University of Kelaniya, delivered the lecture on ‘success in Life through Education”
Professor Sumanapala is an eminent academic in the field of Pali and Buddhist studies. He has a good command of Pali and Sanskrit languages. In addition, he is an eminent educationist and an indigenous doctor as well. Hence his lecture was fruitful as he showed examples from various fields to explain the topic.
He explained the objectives of education in the historical perspective. He recited some verses from Pali and Sanskrit and explained the objectives. He explained that morality and ethical behavior are important in education, and he further emphasized morality is the base for continuous development.
Logical and rational thinking may be accurate and verifiable for some specific purposes, but it cannot be suitable at all times for a better life. Most people believe that rational thinking is the proper way for a better life, but only emotional thinking only can lead us to a successful better life. At present, life does not deal with reality, but with concepts. We have to give up conceptualization so that face to face communication and learning will be successful. Members of the audience posed an abundance of questions and he responded in an enthusiastic manner.

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