KDU-CARE collaborates with Credence Genomics (Pvt) Ltd to validate a novel assay to detect SARS Cov2 infections

The CARE Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd of KDU-CARE entered into a research service agreement with Credence Genomics (Pvt) Ltd, on the 5th November 2020, to validate the performance of a novel kit (VirFast COVID) to detect SARS Cov2 infections in biological samples obtained from COVID suspected patients. The test kit has been developed in-house by Credence Genomics based on Next Generation Sequencing Technology. This assay enables the testing of over 5000 samples with suspected SARS CoV2 infections within a 24-hour time period, with a high sensitivity and a specificity. Dr A Dharshan De Silva and his team at the Biomedical Research Laboratory II, of Faculty of Medicine will evaluate the performance of this test kit in comparison to RT-qPCR technique for detection of SARS Cov2 virus.