Approved Dress Code for the Day Scholars

  • Day Scholars are prohibited from removing the accessories of the Uniform such as Badges and Applets, and visiting the following and other similar places in Uniform:
    a. Cinemas
    b. Beach
    c. Hotels
    d. Parks

The following Dress Code is applicable for the Day Scholars

  • During Study Hours.
    Black trousers and short sleeved white shirt with a black waist belt and a pair of black leather shoes with laces should be worn. Name tag and the University Badge issued by the University should be worn with the dress at all times. Dress shall be clean and ironed. Academic dress should be worn during lectures. Dress for special occasions and functions will be informed by the course coordinator.

  • During Functions (will be specified).
    Male students should wear a long sleeved shirt with a blazer and University tie. Female students should wear a Saree either in Kandian or Indian style with a blazer.

  • Sports Dress.
    Sports attire for the male students should be blue track bottom or decent PT short with white or decent T-shirt and deck shoes. However, the length of the PT short should be above the knee. Female students should be clad in blue track bottom with white or decent T-shirt and deck shoes.

  • Casual.
    An appropriate dress is recommended. Jeans and denims should not be worn by the students within University premises.


Approved Hair Style for the Male and Female Day Scholars

  • Male students should have a decent haircut and are not allowed to wear long hair. Ladies are not allowed to wear loose hair and their hair should be neatly done (knotted) in line with University dress regulations. Hair with fancy styles, highlights are strictly prohibited.

  • Growing a beard is not allowed for male Students. However, if a Student wishes to grow a mustache, full set of mustaches shall be kept neatly and closely trimmed. No portion of the mustache shall extend below the lip line of the upper lip. It shall also not go beyond the horizontal line extending across the corners of the mouth and more than 1/4 inch beyond a vertical line drawn from the corner of the mouth. The length of an individual mustache hair fully extended shall not exceed more than ½ inch.
  • No visible body tattoos are permitted for the students at the University.

  • Proper turn out is expected by all the Students at all times and they should set an example for others.

  • Students should wear only decent jewelry, appropriate for a student of the University.