Title Target group Date
Latex workshop 1 Academic Staff 13/01/2015
Latex 2 Jabref so on Academic Staff 19/01/2015
Photography workshop All staff 23/01/2015
Procurement Academic Staff and Administrative staff 27/01/2015
Procurement Guidelines Academic Staff and Administrative staff 28/01/2015
Induction prograrmme for AR and AB Assistant Registrars and Assistant Bursars 29/01/2015 UGC
Photocopy Machine Labourer 10/02/2015
Feedback workshop Academic Staff 11/02/2015
Wealth Planning Session All Staff 19/02/2015
Assessment Principals for KDU Accredited Institutes Academic Staff 23/02/2015
Recognizing and Supporting a distress student Academic Staff 17/03/2015
Developing skilful employee to establish his/her own career path – Enhancing productivity of the organization Clerical staff 23/03/2015
Assessment and Evaluation Academic Staff 22/04/2015
IQAU – Southern Campus Administrative and academic staff 22/04/2015
Levels of Learning – Blooms Taxonomy Academic Staff 28/04/2015
First Aid All Staff 29/04/2015
Workshop on Latex Academic Staff 12/05/2015
Outcome based curriculum development Academic Staff 26/05/2015
Time and stress Management Academic Staff 03/06/2015
How to use interactive board Academic Staff 24/05/2015
Institutional Review Manual Academic Staff 29/06/2015
Institutional Review Manual Academic Staff  06/07/2015
Capacity Building for Clerical staff Clerical staff  02/07/2015
Worknorms and QA Academic Staff and administrative staff  29/06/2015
Zotero – Reference Manager Academic Staff  14/07/2015
Ethical Aspect of Writing Academic Staff  28/07/2015
Standard Setting – Interactive Session Academic staff 11/08/2015
IQAU Deans, Academic staff 04-09-2015
Interactive Session on IR Manual Academic staff and Registrars 18-09-2015
Examination – Invigilation Academic staff 30-09-2015
Positive attitudes and productivity Academic staff and Administrative and Management Assistants 23-09-2015
Jargon in Research publication Academic staff 23-09-2015
Leave application Management Assistants and Assistant Registrars 09-09-2009
Ecosan – water mgt Deans, Academic staff 07-10-2015
Leave application – 2 Management Assistants and Assistant Registrars 29-10-2015
Capacity Building for MA Management Assistant 02-11-2015
SGD and OSPE/OSCE Academic staff 04-11-2015
SLQF new Deans, Academic staff 05-11-2015
How to Operationalize SLQF Deans, Academic staff 19-11-2015
Awareness programme Tamil Language All staff members 24-11-2015
Life Insurance All staff members 26-11-2015