Title of the Presentation Category Date
1  Workshop on “ Assessment and Evaluation Blue Print”  Academic Staff  25.08.2020
2  Workshop on “Disciplinary Matters, Rights and Obligations of University Employees, Human Rights”  Academic Staff  25.08.2020
3  Workshop on “ Assessment Methods and Type of Questions”  Academic Staff  14.09.2020
4  Workshop on “Procurement Procedure”  Academic Staff  17.09.2020
5  University Procedures  Non Academic Staff  18.09.2020
6  Accounting and Store Procedures  Non Academic Staff  22.09.2020
7  Internet, e-mail, Basic computing  Non Academic Staff  24.09.2020
8  Workshop on “Pressure to Change, Resistance to Change and Success Factors in Curriculum Development ”  Academic Staff  28.09.2020
9  Arithmetic and Business Arithmetic  Non Academic Staff  30.09.2020
10  How to use the e-board effectively  Academic Staff  13.10.2020