Title of the PresentationCategoryDate
1Online EducationAll staff13.01.2021
2Simple steps to prevent Covid 19 in your work placeAll staff20.01.2021
3කොරෝනා වෛරසයෙන් ඈත්වී සිටිමට උපදෙස් පෙලක්All staff21.01.2021
4How to develop a blogAcademic Staff28.01.2021
5ZoomAcademic Staff27.01.2021
6Prevention & Control of Covid 19Academic Staff03.02.2021
7InterdisciplinarityAcademic Staff10.02.2021
8Tamil ProgrammeNon Academic staff23.02.2021 to 23.08.2021
9කළුවර පැළ බෙදාහැරීමේ ව්‍යාපෘතියAll staff24.02.2021
10Quality AssuranceAcademic Staff01.03.2021
 11How to use an interactive e-boardAcademic Staff01.03.2021
 12Mental Health & covid 19All staff03.03.2021
13ISOAll staff08.03.2021
14Reflective PracticeAcademic Staff10.03.2021
15What to do nextAcademic Staff18.03.2021
16Intellectual PropertyAcademic Staff22.03.2021
17Manual of Procedure for conduct of examinations – KDUSAR & AR24.03.2021
18Customer ServicesAdministrative Staff & Management Assistant31.03.2021
19Basic MathematicsManagement Assistant05.04.2021
22Predatory JournalsAcademic Staff27.04.2021
21Turnitin Feedback StudioAcademic Staff20.04.2021-05.07.2021
22Assessment Blue PrintAcademic Staff10.05.2021
23Introduction to the Chinese Language for Hust GraduatesAcademic Staff20.05.2021
24How to prevent Covid 19 3rd waveAll Staff31.05.2021
25Pitch ResearchAcademic Staff14.06.2021
26Disciplinary MattersAcademic Staff28.06.2021
27Effective TeachingAcademic Staff05.07.2021
28NVIEO and Qualitative ResearchAcademic Staff12.07.2021
29Agile LeadershipAcademic Staff12.07.2021
30Curriculum Development for FOTAcademic Staff15.07.2021
31English Programme 2021Academic and Non Academic Staff27.06.2021 to 15.11.2021
32GrammarlyAll Staff28.07.2021
33Institutional ReviewAcademic Staff05.08.2021
34Peer ObservationAcademic Staff25.08.2021
35Virtual Pre-conferenceAcademic Staff28.08.2021
36Program ReviewNon Academic Staff05.10.2021
37Lab ManagementNon Academic Staff26.10.2021
38Discipline mattersNon Academic Staff11.11.2021
39Labour LawNon Academic Staff25.11.2021
40Orientation ProgrammeAcademic & Non Academic Staff07.12.2021 to 09.12.2021