February 21, 2024

Officer Commanding Logistic Service (OCLS)

The OCLS is responsible to the Comdt for; The general administration, direction and control of all Logistics, Procurement, Catering and Transport and maintenance of the camp premises. The direction and co-ordination of the five sections under the OCLS namely.

  • Supply and Catering section.
  • Logistics.
  • Procurement.
  • Motor Transport

OCLS is the secretary of the Tender Board and he is to check all the files, brief them and forward to the Tender Board. OCLS is resposible for organizing and conducting auction sales. He must check and ensure the quality of food that prepared inside the KDU and incoming goods. Also he must ensuring that items to be repaired are processed for repairs in university premises. Checking the quality of incoming items that coming outside of the KDU is another duty of other OCLS. He is also required to execute other duties assigned by the Adjutant as and when required.