Faculty of Engineering

Com. T.M. Mudunpitiya
Email: trainingengineer.foe@kdu.ac.lk
Phone: 0710219385

Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Management and Finance

Dr. Kalpana Ambepitiya
Email: kalpana.ambepitiya@kdu.ac.lk
Office: +94 112 635 268 Ext:452

Department of Social Sciences

Mrs. Kumuduni Weerasinghe
Email: weerasinghenak@kdu.ac.lk
Mobile: +94 0712369077

Faculty of Computing

Maj R.M.M. Pradeep
Email: pradeepu@kdu.ac.lk
Mobile: +94 715360201

Faculty of Defence and Strategic Studies

Mr. Asantha Senevirathna
Email: asanthas@kdu.ac.lk
Mobile: 0718734391
Office: 0112632028 Ext: 392

Faculty of Built Environment and Spatial Sciences

Archt. H Darshana Asoka
E-mail: asokahds@kdu.ac.lk.
Contact Number: +94719638218