KDU and Ambroise Paré International Military Surgery Forum (APIMSF) to Collaborate

KDU and Ambroise Paré International Military Surgery Forum (APIMSF) to Collaborate

On August 16, 2022, KDU and the Ambroise Paré International Military Surgery Forum (APIMSF) held a virtual meeting. APIMSF is an international professional society of surgeons from all over the world who have performed war surgery, terrorist attack surgery, and disaster surgery. The aim of this meeting was to discuss the framework for bilateral cooperation between the parties in the fields of international military surgery. The collaboration was an initiative of Dr Kosala Somarathna, who is also the President of APIMSF.

The Vice Chancellor stated in his speech that he believes this type of collaboration will provide a platform for surgeons and academics from around the world to share knowledge. He praised the President APIMSF and the delegates for their eagerness to collaborate with KDU.

Dr. Kosala Somarathna also spoke, stating that KDU is an ideal platform for establishing centers of excellence for the region. He went on to say that as President, he would like to help KDU establish wet labs for advanced trauma/military surgical courses, an advanced simulation center, a joint KDU-APIMSF center as a military surgical/trauma training hub, and a student exchange program with trauma centers/military hospitals.

Along with the Vice Chancellor Maj. Gen Milinda Peiris, the Dean, Faculty of Medicine Air Cdre (Prof) RANK Wijesinghe, Director – International Relations Dr. KMGP Premadasa, Professor in Surgery Prof MHJ Ariyarathna, HOD- Surgery Dr. KDW Wijenayake, Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, UHKDU Dr. LKD Chandana R. Karunathilaka and Consultant surgeon, SL Army hospital Dr. Amila Rathnayaka joined the meeting

President, APIMSF Dr Kosala Somarathna was joined by several delegates from APIMSF. Professor of Surgery Col. Prof. Mark W. Bowyer, Commander and Medical Director Bundeswehr Hospital General (Prof) Horst Peter Becker, Secretary-general, International society of surgery Prof. Kenneth Boffard, Professor of Surgery Prof. Ari Leppanimi, and Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon Asst. Prof Michelle Joseph joined the meeting virtually.