CARE Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

The CARE Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (CTL) is a registered private company whose shares are solely owned by General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU). This company was established within the Institute of combinatorial advanced research and education (KDU-CARE) as a separate entity. The CTL bridges the gap between KDU and the private sector, to create a coherent environment to assist in any form of industrial project consultancies. Further, CTL provides all facilities related to project financing and administration without the hassle of any prolonged procurement delays under the purview of standard accepted guidelines and procedures.


KDU is home to qualified academics and industry professionals with diverse and dynamic backgrounds who are experts in their own fields. These individuals are willing to devote their extra time to the national development in relation to both private and public sectors through consultancy services. KDU can provide the necessary technological and intellectual support that industrial projects may require within a wide area of expertise. This will be mutually beneficial for all parties and contribute to the national growth and economic stability of the nation.


The KDU academic staff and students are provided with better learning and practical opportunities through involvement in national and international projects of various calibres. This will gain new knowledge and hands-on experience in the latest industrial technology and cutting-edge research in the world. This unique opportunity can only be found in KDU which gains international recognition through collaborative projects undertaken by CTL/KDU. Further, the international projects could contribute to the generation of foreign revenue much needed for the stability of the Sri Lankan economy. 


The revenue generated by CTL is used to facilitate the development of infrastructure, utilities, research laboratories, equipment, and any other capital items needed for KDU-CARE under the purview of the university. Furthermore, funds for administrative and educational facilities for both students and academic staff/KDU will be provided by the generated revenue by reducing the burden on the government treasury.  


The composition of the administrative and organizational framework is given as follows.