Ongoing Research

Melioidosis Research

Comparative study on the Molecular detection of Burkholderia pseudomallei, a causative agent of potentially fatal infectious disease Melioidosis, in contaminated soils using fluorescent dye-based Real-Time PCR assays
(in collaboration with Dr. Dharshan De Silva, Senior Lecturer/Head, BML-2, Faculty of Medicine, KDU, Prof. Enoka Corea, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo)

Microbial Biotechnology Research

Microbial biotechnology: A sustainable solution for dealing with petroleum-based synthetic plastic pollution

“Identification and characterization of indigenous microbial species that metabolize petroleum based synthetic plastics: Identification of indigenous microbial strains and depolymerases for the biodegradation of petroleum derived synthetic polymers, and exploring the possibility of using those indigenous microorganisms and depolymerases as a bio-augmentation and bio-stimulation approach to facilitate bioremediation of environments polluted with petroleum based synthetic plastics”



Accumulation of approximately 31.9 metric tons of plastics waste occurs globally per year while 1.59 metric tons of plastics waste is accumulated in Sri Lanka annually, much of which ending up in the ocean.
“widespread shedding of microplastics and, which can be readily contaminated marine ecosystems resulting them in entering the animal and human food chain when microplastics are ingested by marine wildlife”

Microbial Biotechnology in Sustainable Agriculture

Microbial solutions for boosting agricultural production: Strategic approaches from lab to field

Phosphorus (P) is one of the major growth-limiting macronutrients required in every aspect of the plant growth and development, and it was the second most important plant nutrients next to nitrogen
Current issue of Sri Lankan agricultural farm land is the plant available p is limiting even though having high rate of phosphorus in the soil due to fixation in the soil.

Soil Microbiome Research