Our Laboratory Facilities

Potentiostat/ Galvanostat


KDU CARE is equipped with Metrohm Autolab PGSTAT 302 N. This high end potentiostat/galvanostat can be used to perform numerous electrochemical techniques that involves voltammetry (linear and cyclic), chrono methods (amperometry, potentiometry, and coulometery), and stripping analysis. In addition, this is combined with the FRA32M module designed for high frequency measurements up to 1 MHz. The FRA32M module allows performing electrochemical impedance measurements. The maximum current is 2 A. The current range is extended to 10 A by combining with the BOOSTER10A. The equipment is also supported with several accessories such as working electrode tips, counter electrodes, and reference electrodes to carry out the experiments.

The equipment can be used in numerous research fields; material characterization for energy applications such as batteries and supercapacitors; material characterization for sensors; studying electrochemical performance of energy devices and sensors; material characterization for corrosion; quantifying corrosion; studying electrocatalysis of industrially and academically important electrochemical reactions; electrosynthesis of material are some of the research areas that are benefited.


Rotary Evaporator


The Rotary evaporator setup is an essential piece of equipment used in Biomedical, Chemical, and Materials Research Laboratories. This comprises the rotary evaporator, vacuum pump, vacuum controller, and chiller. This efficiently removes organic solvents from the samples, recrystallizes chemical compounds, and concentrates liquid organic samples. The solvent evaporation occurs in a closed system under a vacuum and an elevated temperature. The evaporated organic solvents are condensed back to a liquid to prevent them from being released into the environment as vapors. As the solvent evaporation occurs under a vacuum, high boiling solvents can be easily removed at very low temperatures compared to their boiling points. Here we have a state-of-the-art IKA RV 10 digital rotavap.