Collaborations and Partnerships

Research Collaborations and industrial partnerships

Looking for a research partner or facilities to conduct a research project, help develop a product, test a theory or create a new venture?

Consider the advantages of KDU, which include access to our world-class researchers and top research facilities. We work with you to develop a flexible research arrangement that best suit your research to work in collaboration with KDU, or helping you access our space, equipment and expertise. This may involve a signing of a MOU with KDU. Our International Research Office ( will assist with the formalities in establishing research collaborations with foreign research institutes and researchers.

Guidelines for the use of KDU resources by external researchers

KDU also offers partnerships, where we conducting research on your behalf to advance your business, product or service. One of the thrust objectives of KDU-CARE is to facilitate this kind of partnerships. Check out the KDU-CARE website, or contact, Director KDU-CARE at