KDU Policies

KDU IP policy for inventors

KDU also support its staff, to earn an extra income through commercialization of their valuable inventions. The bulk portion of the profit or earnings generated through commercialization of inventions or services to external organizations/industries are distributed among the inventors.
KDU IP Policy

KDU policy on Publication

KDU Developed the “KDU policy on Publication” to educate and inform faculty, staff and students of the University, about the practices of “Predatory “publishers and to provide criteria for researchers where to publish the output of their research work and to protect its staff and students from publishing their research work in predatory journals.

This policy is applicable to all the research work produced/ developed or created at KDU with the support of the University and is extended to all individuals (academic staff and students), and applied to all programmes supported by KDU, UH-KDU and KDU affiliated institutions.

KDU policy on Publication