Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Research and Development of KDU

General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) strives to strengthen the research landscape of the institution in particular and of the country in general. In this endeavor, KDU has pioneered in the state university system of the country in establishing the position of Den of research and Development with a view to promoting research in a systemic manner at the institutional level. Research at KDU stands for publications in high impact journals, establishing collaborations with local and foreign research groups/ institutes and commercialization of research. Accordingly, KDU encourages its staff to engage in research by establishing advanced laboratory facilities at KDU and offering them multifaceted incentives such as Grants and Awards. It further facilitates research collaborations with reputed external researchers and institutions. KDU has recognized research as yet another lucrative dimension for building the national economy. As such research at KDU spans from fundamental research to discovery and inventions leading to innovation for the generation of foreign earnings for the nation.


Kindly be informed that the financial assistance for participation in conferences/ workshops etc. in foreign countries has been temporarily suspended due to current restrictions imposed by the government, according to Ministry of Finance Circular NBD 03/2022. Assistance for participating in local events is still active.

How Does KDU Excel in Research?
 Support and Recognition

KDU offers significant financial support and resources to help faculty engaging in research. Funding for carrying out research, financial support for publishing in high impact journals, and financial support for participating in conferences local as well as overseas.


 Featured Resources
  • Biomedical Research laboratories (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Wind Tunnel (Faculty of Engineering)
  • 24/7 laboratory (Faculty of Engineering)


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