Title  Target group Date
Accredation – CTHE Academic Staff and administrative staff 14-01-2016
Printing work flow Administrative staff and officers in printing press 14-01-2016
Official letter writing Registrars and Management Assistants 20-01-2016
Orientation programme Newly recruited Academic Staff 25-29/01/16
How to operationalize SLQF Academic Staff and administrative staff 27-01-2016
Worknorms and IQAU Deans and Chairperson of QA Cell 09-02-2016
Audit Queries Administrative Staff and Bursar Office Staff 10-02-2016
How to use interactive board Academic Staff 11-02-2016
Art of file management Academic staff and all staff of administrative staff 25-02-2016
Qualitative Research Academic 03-01-2016
Ebola and Dengue Academic 03-15-2016
Program Review Academic 03-24-2016
SPSS so on Academic 03-31-2016
Levels of learning Academic 03-28-2016
Developing skillful employee Management Assistant 04-27-2016
Telephone Etiquettes Management Assistant 05-06-2016
Personal Hygience and Dress Code Technical Staff 05-06-2016
Examination Procedure Academic 05-16-2016
SPSS so on Academic 05-27-2016
Brainstorming – SLQF Academic 07-08-2016
ICT in education Academic 07-18-2016
Functional English Management Assistant 07-29-2016
World of work Management Assistant 08-04-2016
SPSS Academic 08-10-2016
Business writing Management Assistant 08-11-2016
Functional English Management Assistant 08-04-2016
Introduction to Unive System Technical Staff 08-19-2016
Microsoft Excel Academic 08-23-2016
Success Practice of 5S Hospital Staff 08-30-2016
Functional English Management Assistant 09-01-2016
SLQF Deans 20-09-2016
Amos Academic Staff 21-09-2016 
Financial Regulations Technical Staff 22-09-2016 
PowerPoint Academic Staff 27-09-2016 
Quality Circles Academic Staff 04-10-2016 
Learn Tamil for All-1 All Academic Staff 03-10-2016 
Research and Ethics  Technical Staff  19-10-2016 
 Learn Tamil for All-2  All Academic Staff 17-10-2016 
 Tamil – Grammar  All Academic Staff 07-11-2016 
ICT to enhance Learning & Teaching   Technical Staff 17-11-2016 
 QS Ranking  Deans, Heads of the Department 17-11-2016 
Tamil – Speaking All Academic Staff 21-11-2016
Tamil  Reading All Academic Staff 29-11-2016
Ambulance Service to hospital project Hospital Staff 30-11-2016