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Being a modern university entails incorporating an international perspective into all aspects of its operations, from educational and research activities to administrative and organizational activities. Enhanced international reputation results in a positive feedback loop, which creates more opportunities for international research partnerships with other world-class universities; increases the ability to secure international research funding; attracts the best minds to work in KDU; increases the ability to enrol more international students to study at KDU and opens up more opportunities for KDU students to gain foreign exposure.

KDU acknowledges the significant role that international higher education and research can play in enhancing relations between and among nations. Therefore, KDU’s approach is strongly aligned with the concept of Knowledge Diplomacy.

Why KDU collaborate with international partners

  • To enhance our global profile and reputation
  • To increase the number of partnerships and collaborations established with overseas universities
  • To increase the number of international students
  • To increase the number of international faculty members
  • To increase the mobility of students and staff to and from partner institutions.
  • To strengthen teaching and research programmes through international accreditation processes.