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To be a university nationally and internationally known for its unique ability to engage both undergraduate and graduate students in distinctive and interdisciplinary defence related higher education that best serves the tri-services, the state sector and society at large.


To ensure a high-quality, learner-centered educational experience through undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes along with high quality research across many disciplines in the field of defence, in both residential and non-residential settings in the campus.


  1. To provide facilities for and instruction in academic studies to Officer Cadets in preparation for the first degree in such subjects that are relevant to their professional employment.
  2. To provide facilities to introduce Officer Cadets to the Profession of Arms and guide them to develop their knowledge and skills in the Profession of Arms, prior to a Commission in the Armed Forces is conferred on them.
  3. To foster a spirit of comradeship amongst Officer Cadets to develop “jointness” and a sense of national unity amongst the officer corps of the Army, Navy and Air Force so that joint operations are facilitated in the course of their service.
  4. To provide courses of study to Officers of the Armed Forces and others selected by the Board of Management to qualify for post-graduate degrees and other qualifications to be awarded by the University in subjects relevant to the Profession of Arms.
  5. To discharge such other functions including Research and Development as the University may consider necessary for the achievement of its objectives.